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Peruvian spicy culture

«Peruano que come ceviche sin ají, no es peruano» ~meaning, «any peruvian who eats ceviche without chili is simply not peruvian», which is a typical phrase that I’ve heard way so many people say, even the ones closest to my family (they’ve even said it to me 😂), and it’s because chili is an ingredientSigue leyendo «Peruvian spicy culture»

Holy week in Lima!

Since the Spaniards conquered Perú, we became a catholic country, cause’ before they came the Incas used to believe in the nature elements as gods such as the Sun (Inti), the Moon (Killa), the lightning (Illapu), including rituals/ceremonies such as the pagapu, which is a payment made to the apus, the mountains as well asSigue leyendo «Holy week in Lima!»

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Let me share a small part of my country with you…

Peru is filled with gorgeous landscapes, but not only you can find it in the rural areas but also within the city of Lima! And here I’ll show you through some photos I took in 2019 that I think that express the beauty of it; so I thought «why not?» and I designed this 100% hand-made postcards for you, wherever you are so you can have a piece of Peru decorating your room/office/desk/living room 😉

This is a set of 8 postcards showing different original pictures (all taken by me) of parts of Lima and other landscapes in Perú, also having some meaningful quotes that I chose from books I’ve been recently reading. At the back there’s a short description with fun-historic-facts of the place in the photo.

Take a more detailed look at the postcards I’ve designed for you to have a small part of my beautiful city of Lima with you!

Price for the whole set: USD$7.00

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